Autohaus Angel Racing

Where it all started

It’s said that when you do what you’re passionate about, you’ll never work a day in your life. Marcel Angel, founder and CEO of Autohaus angel, has somewhat lived up to this mantra. From a racing icon to a successful car dealer, he has kept himself in and around the motor industry throughout.

It’s no surprise that the Angels have an illustrious racing career spanning over many years and numerous motorsport disciplines. With multiple championships and South African colours, the Angel, Father Son, combo have dominated the racing scene in SA with a resilient grip and are front runners at maintaining the dominant control for years to come.

250 Superkart Champion

Marcel Angel laid the foundation for the road to success by completely reigning over the 250 Superkart championships for five championships and earning himself SA colours for his dominance. He currently still holds the outright record at all major South African circuits. Dayne Angel has continued the legacy by putting in some great results behind the Superkart wheel. As a dying class in South Africa, the races are few and far between, but when there are races, Dayne is sure to be on the podium.

Formula Supercar domination

On the road to main circuit supremacy, Marcel joined a class that has become a Western Cape heritage, the late Owen Ashely design and built, Formula Supercars. Marcel enjoyed many race events in this class, going up against his long-time rivals and South African champs, the likes of Jessy Hugget and Richard Schroder.

The real dominance came in the likes of the younger Angel. Dayne first sat in a supercar at 15 years old, with a bit between his teeth and brass between his legs, he rose to the top within a few short months. Being considerably younger than anyone else on main circuit, he quickly became a target and that suited him just fine. Dayne won 2 championships in Supercars and completely annihilated a 3rd with three races to go, but was disqualified due to administration issues. Needless to say the young Dayne Angel was hot on the heels of the “old man”!

V8 Masters – the big boys

Whilst Dayne was commanding Formula Supercars, Marcel was in the bigger brother of the Owen Ashely Family, V8 Masters. Owen Ashley design and built the V8 Master series for racing drivers over the age of 35. Marcel was not alone though; his long-time rivals were alongside in the V8 mustang beasts. Marcel tyrannised the class for four years with four big trophies to prove it, not without any sweat and adrenalin though, his good friend and fierce rival, Fabio Tiffani proved a bit of a nuisance, not that Marcel minded, as competition is flowing through his veins as if it were oxygen.

Karting – Where all racers begin

Daynes’ racing pedigree was groomed from a tender age of 11. He was a regular podium sitter for five years in the WPMC karting sector. His success in karting led him to Italy in 2009 at the Rok World Finals, where he was a complete underdog, yet showed his talent when the heavens opened up. With rain on the track, true drivers come to play. This was evident when the two South Africans gained 25 positions. Dayne showed his worth and hence has earned himself a drive in the new GTC2 production car series.

GT Supercar series – Where class and power come to play

The road to success has led the two Angels to a new level. Marcel has found himself in the seat of a magnificent Ferrari 458 GT3 Italia car, where he has prevailed as one would expect. He holds the fastest lap for any GT car at Killarney and Phakisa respectfully. He has shown his reign in the G & H Supercars class in 2017 and is set to continue his tyranny for seasons to come.

GTC Production – a new taste of old

Joining his father on the road to National domination, Dayne has started his career in the newly formed GTC2 Production series. Dayne is sporting a Honda Civic Type-R. He is up against the likes of Golf GTI 7’s and Mini Cooper JCW’s in the GTC2 class. The Civic is still under development but is on the path to class leader, especially with an Angel behind the wheel.

Mopar Endurance Series – next up, La Mans

The Autohaus duo took to the Mopar endurance series with the dominance that racing drivers across South Africa have come to fear. Marcel and Dayne have had many issues in the endurance side of things, yet they proved that true drivers don’t give up. When teams see that multi-coloured Ferrari pull up to the grid with Marcel and Dayne on the door, they know they have a race of champions on their hands.


The Autohaus Angel Racing team has only just started their combined concur of Motorsport in South Africa. It’s safe to say that the Autohaus Angel name will live forever in the history books of South African Racing, with only better racing to come.